Turn your podcast/dictation into a transcript in record time!

If you need author transcription services or podcast transcription services, you’ve landed in the best place on the planet for that.  Time is money, right?  Busy authors need to keep writing, but typing books takes so much time.  And even if you dictate, going back and editing is grueling.  That’s where my services come in.

As a court reporter with over 23 years of experience, I can:

  • take down the spoken word at approximately 40-50 pages per hour
  • transcribe from audio or video in multiple formats, NO spoken puncutation needed!
  • work with all English accents
  • insert time codes for podcasts or video
  • format in MS Word or Text Document
  • exchange files using Dropbox or Google Drive

Here’s what you get:


  • a manuscript of your book, complete with punctuation, ready for editing
  • script format for podcasts with time codes inserted upon request
  • delivery with a smile by agreed-upon deadline

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